Land vehicles
Automobiles of the future
Research for Safety
• The most advanced technologies for automobiles
The number of automobiles in Japan increases every year and we have more opportunity to drive. More and more elderly people are driving and it seems that nationally, car usage is changing. In order to protect drivers and not to damage other cars and pedestrians, research and development of Advanced Safety Vehicles (ASVs) is done to applying advanced technologies to new cars.
An ‘ASV’ is a vehicle equipped with the safety technology to prevent accidents.
It has sensors that can detect possible danger and also exchange information about its speed and location with other cars. We will introduce to you both the current technologies in practical use and some future technologies.
Devices for accident prevention
• “Sensor system for driving control” etc.
This is a device which helps drivers to avoid accidents by detecting the presence of nearby vehicles, motorcycles and people and by controlling the driving speed and distance to other vehicles.
System used to avoid accidents involving nearby vechicles
• “Warning system for mechanical problems”
This is the device that gives a warning before mechanical failure or accident occurs by watching vehicle’s conditions.
Data and warning system about other cars in vicinity
• “The blind area warning system”
This is a device which detects the surrounding area while the car is turning right or left, or backing up, and gives a warning to drivers if necessary. This system can prevent accidents involving nearby objects.
• “ABS”
This is an anti-lock braking system for the prevention of accidents caused by skidding.
System used to warn drivers about narrow space between car and surrounding objects
Devices for drivers’ safety
• “Warning (avoidance) system for driver’s danger”
This system detects a driver’s drowsiness and the influence of alcohol from his/her movements and gives a warning with bell. For further danger, it will stop the automobile automatically or the system will drive the car.
Warning system to react when driver is in unsafe condition
• “Seat belts”, “Airbags” and “Easy-to-use vehicles”
They are researching to enhance the performance of seat belts and airbags to mitigate accidents.
The research to reduce the load for drivers by improving operability or visualization of meters is also done.
Basic technology for human interface
Safety Devices to Minimize Accidents
• “Pedestrian injury mitigation system”
Research in underway into airbags for pedestrian protection, which can detect and operate in the instance of pedestrian collision. Research is also being done into the structure and form of vehicles to protect pedestrians.
System to minimize injury to pedestrians
• “Shock absorption system”
This is important research to minimize damage in accidents. There is also research about the prevention of serious accidents by analyzing a mechanism to stop vehicles sliding under a large truck or overturning during accidents.
System to absorb shock at moment of impact
• “Automatic mayday system” and “Automatic fire extinguisher”
Research is being carried out about a system of automatic notification to the police and fire station, and also automatic fire extinguishing when an accident occurs.
Fire extinguisher system
Dream automobile
Safety automobiles of the future will not be realized only by changing the automobiles.
We need the system on the roads to lead cars safely with devices and antennas to send that receive information and signals about the condition of traffic and roads.
Recently, useful automotive navigation systems have been evolving. In the future, they may direct us to the shortest way to our destination by avoiding traffic congestion and accidents.