Land vehicles
Types of trains
There are many types of trains depending on where trains are running and what they carry. The most useful and usual type of trains is electric trains. Other than this type of trains, you can find diesel trains and steam locomotives.
Electric train
Electric train the series E653, JR-East
Diesel train
Diesel train Kiha 281, JR-Hokkaido
Steam locomotive
Steam locomotive D51, JR-East
Photographs supplied courtesy of JR-East and JR-Hokkaido
Trains are for everyone to travel
We take trains to commute and go on a trip.
Tramways running on the roads stop at traffic lights. Distances between the stops are short. Therefore people take tramways just like taking buses.
You can find more subways in the city centres with many residences. Subway stations are under the ground, so they can run through any area. In city centres, subway networks are more elaborate and more accessible.
Low-floor tram
Low-floor tram, Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau
Tokyo Metro
Nanboku Line, Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
Photographs supplied courtesy of Kumamoto City and Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
Travel by train
Taking trains is one of the best ways to travel because you can enjoy the moment until you get to your destination by seeing scenery from windows and having lunch box and some sweets.
Some trains bound for resorts have larger windows to appreciate beautiful landscapes. For a longer trip, you can take a night train departing during the night and arriving in the morning. People can travel while sleeping in the sleeping car. Such trains for a long trip have good restaurant cars.
Electric Railway
20000 series, Odakyu Electric Railway
Sleeping car
Sleeping car, JR-East
Window and seats
Window and seats of the 20000 series, Odakyu Electric Railway
Restaurant car
Restaurant car of a night train “Hokutosei”, JR-East
Photographs supplied courtesy of Odakyu Electric Railway and JR-East
Powerful trains to transport goods
Trains transport both passengers and freights. Certain freight train runs with thirty freight cars, carrying containers with goods.
Big factories have own freight trains and transport many goods directly from there.
Freight train
Freight train in piggyback service carrying tracks, Japan Freight Railway Company
Container train   Container train
Container trains (EF210), Japan Freight Railway Company
Photographs supplied courtesy of Japan Freight Railway Company
Different rolling stock cars for different functions
There are many types of trains with various functions.
In areas of heavy snowfall, snowploughs are useful to remove snow on railway lines.
To examine the conditions of rail tracks and system, we have inspection trains.
Russell car
Russell car (snowplough), JR-Hokkaido
Multiple Inspection Train
Doctor Tokai (Multiple Inspection Train), JR-Central
Photographs supplied courtesy of JR-Hokkaido and JR- Central