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Railway day
For “Railway day” on October 14th, we have many annual events in different places. For example, you can ride on the mini-SL (steam locomotive). Some tunnels are opened for this event and you can walk in there. You can also join the stamp rally and collect stamps of stations. The exhibitions of photographs, paintings and railway miniatures are also held to give you opportunities to learn about stations and railways with fun. Let’s join the railway festivals.
The tunnel walk with parents and children
“The tunnel walk with parents and children” (“Hassamu minami” –“Miyanosawa”, Tozai line, Sapporo Municipal Subway)
organized by The Hokkaido executive committee
The memorial art exhibition
“The memorial art exhibition” (Modern transportation museum)
organized by The Kinki executive committee
The operation of mini-SL
“The operation of mini-SL” (Niigata south exit station square)
organized by The Niigata executive committee