Land vehicles
Stations are very convenient
You can see a lot of people in the station. Some stations have accommodation facilities such as hotels. They even have restaurants and shopping centres inside, not to mention the areas for trains.
You can also buy journals, sweets and flowers in the station or on the platform.
Kyobashi station
Kyobashi station(Hotel), Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Shibuya station
Shibuya station (Flower shop),Tokyo Metro.,Ltd.
Ebisu station
Ebisu station (Shopping centre), JR-East
Photographs supplied courtesy of Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd., Tokyo Metro.,Ltd. and JR-East
Let’s enjoy a great art at station
We usually pass through a station in a hurry. But if we have enough time to look around the station, we can enjoy cultural activities such as monthly concerts in there and museums/galleries or theatres next to the station. Not only are trains starting from stations, but some culture also starts from there.
Tokyo station
Tokyo station üithe “Akarenga Concerts”üj, JR-East
Tokyo station
Tokyo station (Tokyo Station Gallery), JR-East
Higashi-mukojima station
Higashi-mukojima station (Tobu museum), Tobu Railway CO., LTD
Photographs supplied courtesy of JR-East and Tobu Railway CO., LTD
Feel refreshed in the station
“Onsen” (Japanese hot spring) in the station? To your surprise, there are many stations with énnsen in Japan. During your trip, you can soak in Onsen and feel refreshed. Such stations are very popular and many people visit there only for Onsen.
• Stations with Onsen(hot spring)
Location Name of railway Name of station
Akita prefecture Akita Nairiku Line, Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway Animaeda
Iwate prefecture Kitakami Line, JR-East Hottoyuda
Yamagata prefecture Ou Main Line, JR-East Takahata
Gunma prefecture Watarase Keikoku Line, Watarase Keikoku Railway Mizunuma
Niigata prefecture Joetsu Line, JR-East Gala-Yuzawa
Niigata prefecture Iiyama Line, JR-East Tsunan
Nagano prefecture Chuo Main Line, JR-East Kamisuwa (foot bath)
Nagano prefecture Iida Line, JR-Tokai Hiraoka
Gifu prefecture Nagaragawa Railway Minami kodakara onsen
Ehime prefecture Yodo Line, JR-Shikoku Matsumaru
Kumamoto prefecture Takamori Line, Minamiaso Railway Aso shimoda-jo fureai onsen
Mizunuma station
Mizunuma station, Watarase Keikoku Railway
Aso Shimoda-jo Fureai Onsen station
Aso shimoda-jo fureai onsen station, Minamiaso Railway
Minamikodakaraonsen station
Minamikodakaraonsen station
Minami kodakara onsen station, Nagaragawa Railway
Photographs supplied courtesy of Minamiaso Railway, Watarase Keikoku Railway and Nagaragawa Railway
Underground station
It’s very difficult to build a station in the place with many houses, buildings and shops. So, in city centres, more and more stations are built underground and we cannot see the station houses.
Nihon-odori station
Nihon-odori station (vertical section), Yokohama Minatomirai Railway Company
Photograph supplied courtesy of The Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency
Station & Town
Many people use stations. Just like areas with many people will have various shops and restaurants, around stations you will find some busy street. Therefore, stations are designed and built to harmonize well with town and such surroundings. Town developments and building stations are related closely.
Kokusai-tenjijo station
Kokusai-tenjijo station, Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit, INC
Yachiyomidorigaoka station
Yachiyomidorigaoka station, Toyo Rapid Railway CO., LTD
Photographs supplied courtesy of The Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency