About the Japan Transport Promotion Association
This Web site “TRANSPORT in JAPAN” was created as one of the promotional activities of the Japan Transport Promotion Association and subsidized by the Nippon Foundation. We provide the following services.
Public relations activities about transport and traffic issues
Web site “Transport in Japan”
This web site is intended to explain the current situation and the policy of transport and traffic in Japan. It includes many photos and illustrations so that even school students can easily understand and learn from the information. It also has English pages.
Publishing official journal “Promotion of Transport”
It reports current news topics about transport and traffic, weather and maritime safety. In addition to the news it provides welfare information such as pensions and medical treatment. The section called “Kinkyo-Dayori (letters from readers)” is for readers to share their ideas.
Information providing service by fax
We provide latest information about transport and traffic administrations by fax.
Mental health check site for staff of transport
Protecting public transport users
Organizing seminars
Pension management
Handling group insurances
Issuing lists of personnel in MLIT
The Japan Transport Promotion Association
Kojimachi 4-5, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083